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Wood Heating Exemption Forms

Each year, NWCAA may grant an exemption during air quality burn bans if a residence needs to heat with wood during periods of impaired air. An exemption allows residents to burn wood in a solid fuel burning device (wood stoves, pellet stoves or fireplace inserts) during air quality burn bans (NWCAA Regulation 506.8). Residents are encouraged to use an alternative heat source during periods of impaired air, if available, so that air quality does not get worse.

Even with an exemption, you must follow other wood smoke laws (smoke opacity). Exemptions cannot be used for heating attached or detached garages, shops or outbuildings.

There are four types of exemptions:


Temporary Breakdown of Primary Heat Source

One-Time 10-day Temporary 

No Adequate Source of Heat

Exemptions are valid for one year only, July 1 through June 30. Your application must be submitted annually.