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Wildfire Smoke Information

The links and documents below provide helpful information and advice about what how you can protect yourself and others during a wildfire smoke event. For more health information, contact your local health department:

  • Island County Public Health — (360) 679-7350
  • Skagit County Public Health — (360) 416-1500
  • Whatcom County Health — (360) 778-6000

Wildfire smoke and COVID-19

Smoke Information from Washington Department of Health

Prepare for Fire Season

EPA Smoke-Ready Toolbox for Wildfires

Tips for protecting kids from smoke pollution

Guide for public activities during wildfire smoke

Protect your pets from wildfire smoke

Protect your large animals and livestock from wildfire smoke

EPA guide to indoor air cleaners/filters

AirNow’s Air Quality Forecast

Washington’s Air Monitoring Network

Wildfire smoke and indoor air quality