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Public Records Request

The Northwest Clean Air Agency is committed to providing access to public records under the Washington state Public Records Act, and state and local regulations.

Submit a Public Records Request

What can you expect when you request public records from us?
Within five business days of receiving your request, we will contact you with an estimate of when the records will be available. If we don’t respond to your request within five business days, contact our Public Records Officer to find out why.

After we evaluate your request, we will:
Ask you for more information if we have questions about your request.

  • Make the records available for your review or send you copies.
  • Deny your request if you have asked for records that are confidential or exempt under the state Public Records Act. We’ll give you a specific reason if we deny your request.

Which records are exempt from disclosure?
We will not disclose lists of individuals for commercial use. The state Public Records Act lists types of documents exempt from public inspection and copying.* (links to RCW/WAC)

Exemptions include:
Ongoing enforcement: All enforcement documents are available for release after a case has been resolved. During the investigative process we may withhold information.
People filing complaints: If people request confidentiality when they call or submit online complaints, we will honor their request.
Confidential business information: The state Clean Air Act defines some records as exempt confidential business information if releasing the records would reveal unique processes or production information, or would likely put the business at a competitive disadvantage.

If only a portion of a record is exempt from disclosure, we will redact the exempt portions before providing the document. We will provide you with a log of withheld records.

Who should I contact if I have a question or want to schedule an appointment to review documents?

[email protected]

Partial list of laws and rules that exempt records from disclosure: