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Your participation in the public process is essential. To keep you informed about where and when you can provide input on our work, we are committed to posting these types of public notices with information about how you can engage in the public process:

Types of public notices
Notice of permit application received

All proposed sources of air pollutants must submit a permit application to us for review prior to the construction of a new facility or the expansion or modification of an existing operation. The application is called a notice of construction (NOC) application or construction permit application. We are required to post a public notice for a minimum of 15 days when we receive a construction permit application. You can request a public comment period or a public hearing during this 15-day period.

SEPA notices

Review under the State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) identifies possible adverse environmental effects of a proposed activity. We can be the lead agency for SEPA review of local projects that may affect air quality. Projects that are likely to significantly degrade environmental quality are required to perform an analysis called an environmental impact statement (EIS).  The EIS evaluates ways to eliminate or reduce the effects of a project. If a project is unlikely to adversely affect air quality, we will issue a determination of non-significance (DNS). For projects where we are the SEPA lead agency, we will post notices about SEPA actions, comment periods and determinations here.

Public comment periods

We post notices inviting public comment on documents and actions such as draft air operating permits, certain construction permit applications, rules and fee schedule changes.

Public hearings

We schedule public hearings when they are required or when we are taking an action that we know is of significant public interest.

How to comment or request a hearing

Submit public comments or request public hearings, in writing, by the deadline in the public notice. Each public notice contains specific contact information. Generally, you can comment or request hearings by:

Mail: 1600 S. 2nd Street, Mount Vernon, WA 98273

Fax: 360-428-1620


Questions? Please call our front desk at 360-428-1617.


Notice Type
Public Comment Periods
Name Naval Air Station Whidbey Island
Address 3730 North Charles Porter Avenue, Oak Harbor
Description Public comment period on draft air operating permit.
What you can do Submit a public comment by close of business day Aug. 6, 2018.
Contact Agata McIntyre
Notice Type
SEPA Notices
Name NWCAA Regulation change
Address 1600 S. 2nd Street, Mount Vernon
Description Public comment period on SEPA Determination of Non-Significance for proposed change to the NWCAA Regulation (Gas Stations, Spray Coating, Public Records).
What you can do Submit a public comment by close of business day Aug. 22, 2018.
Notice Type
Permit Applications Received
Name Nature's Path Foods USA Inc.
Address 2220 Nature's Path Way, Blaine
Description Permit for a product handling cyclone on a cereal manufacturing process. The cyclone was installed in 2013 and handles product from flakers #3 and #4.
What you can do Request public comment period or public hearing by Jul. 21, 2018 on construction permit No. 1303