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Strategic Plan


The Northwest Clean Air Agency strategic plan is a working document intended to help the agency formally identify goals, prioritize projects and guide decisions.

The agency’s governing Board of Directors instructed staff to begin work on a strategic plan in July 2012. For the next year, the leadership team met to develop and write the plan.

The Board received status updates throughout the development process and was presented with a draft of key concepts and plan structure during its Board meeting on June 13, 2013. The Board adopted the strategic plan on Dec. 12, 2013. The May 12, 2016 update is the first update of the plan.

The plan is designed to be updated periodically to adapt it to changing conditions within and affecting our jurisdiction. The agency will review and, if needed, update the plan at least every three years.

Management will establish departmental work plans, specific objectives and performance measures consistent with the goals and strategies of this plan.

Agency mission

This plan is part of our ongoing efforts to fulfill our agency mission:

To preserve, protect and enhance our air quality for the benefit of current and future generations in Island, Skagit and Whatcom counties by fostering individual responsibility and assuring regulatory accountability.

Core programs and services

• Ambient air quality monitoring
• Making permit decisions for facilities that cause air pollution
• Compliance assessment and enforcement at stationary sources of air pollution
• Public outreach and assistance

Strategic plan structure and overview

The NWCAA strategic plan is organized under five categories, called outcome areas, which broadly describe the agency’s work:

1. Clean air
2. A level playing field for business
3. Community awareness
4. Agency excellence
5. Financial stability

For each outcome area, we identified goals, objectives and strategies, and we developed methods to measure our performance in each area.

Outcome area 1

Clean Air

Outcome area 2

Level Playing Field for Business

Outcome area 3

Community Awareness

Outcome area 4

Agency Excellence

Outcome area 5

Financial Stability