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Meeting Agenda – Columbia Valley

East Whatcom Community Council Clean Air Committee (CAC)

Meeting agenda

October 10, 2018

4:30-6:00 pm

East Whatcom Regional Resource Center, 8251 Kendall Road

CAC Charge:  The charge of the East Whatcom Community Council Clean Air Committee is to work jointly with the Northwest Clean Air Agency to develop a comprehensive, community-based, long-range plan designed to improve the air quality in the East Whatcom County Region.

Committee Guidelines:

  1. Listen to understand, not to respond; seek clarity.
  2. Voice opinions and questions openly in the meeting and not after; speak for yourself; everyone’s opinion is valuable and worthy of attention.
  3. Conflict over a topic is healthy; take nothing personally; engage in debate.
  4. Do not expect consensus or certainty.
  5. Explain why you don’t agree with a proposal, but when a decision is made, buy in.
  6. If people look like they have something to say, encourage them to speak.

Chair:  Phil Cloward

Members:  Jerry DeBruin & David Moe, WCFPD #14; John Wolpers, Whatcom County Health Department; Mark Schofield, OppCo; Veronica Dearden, Kendall Watch Community Action Group; Viktor Vetkov, Slavic Church; Mark Sniffen, Whatcom County Fire Marshal; Julie O’Shaughnessy, NWCAA

Agenda items:

  1. Introductions
  2. Approval of September 12, 2018, meeting summary
  3. Open public comment – Please limit comments to 3 minutes per person
  4. Announcements
  5. Wood shed status update – Phil 
  6. Biomass committee update – Phil
  7. Focused outreach update – Julie
  8. Air quality and complaint update – Julie


2018 meetings, 4:30 – 6 p.m. – East Whatcom Regional Resource Center, 8251 Kendall Rd., Maple Falls,  WA:


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