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Section 321


Exclusion from registration does not absolve the owner, lessee, or his registered agent from all other requirements of the Regulation of the NWCAA. Exemption from registration does not apply to any control facility or device required to be installed in order to meet the emission and/or ambient standards of this Regulation.

The following sources of air pollution are exempt from registration:

321.1 Motor vehicles.

321.2 Non-road engines (as defined in Section 216 of the FCAA).

321.3 Non-road vehicles (as defined in Section 216 of the FCAA).

321.4 Sources that require an air operating permit per Chapter 173-401 WAC.

321.5 The Control Officer may exempt sources having the potential to emit (uncontrolled) criteria air pollutants under the following thresholds:

a) 5 tons per year of carbon monoxide (CO);

b) 2 tons per year of nitrogen oxides (NOX);

c) 2 tons per year of sulfur dioxide (SO2);

d) 1.25 tons per year of particulate matter (PM);

e) 0.75 tons per year of fine particulate matter (PM10);

f) 2 tons per year of volatile organic compounds (VOC’s);

g) 0.005 tons per year of lead.

321.6 The Control Officer may exempt sources that do not emit measurable amounts of Class A or Class B toxic air pollutants specified in Chapter 173-460-150 WAC and Chapter 173-460-160 WAC.


PASSED: November 12, 1998

AMENDED: June 9, 2011, November 17, 2011