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Section 309



Reasonably Available Control Technology (RACT) is required for all existing sources except as otherwise provided in RCW 70.94.331(9).


Where current controls are determined by the NWCAA to be less than RACT, the NWCAA shall define RACT for that source or source category and issue a rule or an order under NWCAA 121 requiring the installation of RACT.


RACT for each source category containing three or more sources shall be determined by rule, except as provided in NWCAA 309.4.


Source-specific RACT determinations may be performed under any of the following circumstances:

(A) For replacement or substantial alteration of existing control equipment under NWCAA 300.13;

(B) When required by the federal Clean Air Act;

(C) For sources in source categories containing fewer than three sources;

(D) When an air quality problem, for which the source is a contributor, justifies a source-specific RACT determination prior to development of a categorical RACT rule; or

(E) When a source-specific RACT determination is needed to address either specific air quality problems, for which the source is a significant contributor, or source-specific economic concerns.


The Control Officer shall have the authority to perform a RACT determination, to hire a consultant to perform relevant RACT analyses in whole or in part, or to order the owner or operator to perform RACT analyses and submit the results to the NWCAA.


In determining RACT, the NWCAA shall utilize the factors set forth in the RACT definition in NWCAA 200 and shall consider RACT determinations and guidance made by the EPA, other states, and local authorities for similar sources, and other relevant factors. In establishing or revising RACT requirements, the NWCAA shall address, where practicable, all air contaminants deemed to be of concern for that source or source category.


The NWCAA shall assess a fee to be paid by any source included in a RACT determination to cover the direct and indirect costs of developing, establishing, or reviewing categorical or source-specific RACT determinations. The fee for RACT determinations shall be as established in NWCAA 324.6. The amount of the fee may not exceed the direct and indirect costs of establishing the requirement for the particular source or the pro rata portion of the direct and indirect costs of establishing the requirement for the relevant source category.


Emission standards and other requirements contained in rules or regulatory orders in effect at the time of operating permit issuance shall be considered RACT for purposes of operating permit issuance or renewal.


Replacement or substantial alteration of control equipment under NWCAA 300.13 shall be subject to the New Source Review fees under NWCAA 324.2, in lieu of RACT fees under this section.


PASSED: March 14, 2013

AMENDED: October 8, 2015