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Section 103



Pursuant to the provisions of the Washington Clean Air Act RCW 70.94 and RCW 43.21A and 43.21B, the Board may take such reasonable action as may be necessary to prevent air pollution which may include control or measurement of emissions of air contaminants from a source.

The Board shall appoint a Control Officer competent in the field of air pollution control whose sole responsibility shall be to observe and enforce the provisions of all ordinances, orders, resolution, or rules and regulations of the NWCAA pertaining to the control and prevention of air pollution. The Board shall establish such procedures and take such action as may be required to implement Section 102 in a manner consistent with the State Act and other applicable laws.


The Board shall require that the Control Officer maintain appropriate records and prepare periodic reports.


The Board shall receive minutes of meetings of the Advisory Council as required. The decisions of the Advisory Council shall be forwarded to the Board in writing and shall include minority opinions in cases of serious disagreement.


The Control Officer is empowered by the board to sign official complaints and/or issue violations and/or apply to any court of competent jurisdiction for necessary orders and with Board approval or ratification, commence legal action. Nothing herein contained shall be construed to limit the Control Officer from using any other legal means to enforce the provisions of the Regulations of the NWCAA.


PASSED: January 8, 1969

AMENDED: July 8, 1970, February 14, 1973, April 14, 1993